Photo: Lesbians caught in the act

I can only wonder how most of this pictures end up getting released, what are they actually doing ..LOL , please do not answer that question…les act

We previously tried to tackle the homosexuality trend in a previous post titled the ‘The Homosexuality Theory’ ┬áif you missed it follow the link below


This is actually sad though

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6 Responses

  1. not in my person to judge …:)

  2. every man’s dream

  3. I need a. sex gril

  4. As far as i’n concerned gay and lesbians shld b put to death, they dnt deserve to b part of society and nobody is born that way they jst choose that way of life which is perversion, its sickening, how can u b gay cos u were molested or ur pregnancy was rejected pls.

  5. Stephen why should they be put to death? A sibling of urs can be a homosexual without u knowing! And for heaven sakes, they r possessed, so pray for them, encourage them to resist and u will see changes.

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